With offices in the UK and China, Sino Trading Limited have access to high-quality, low-cost manufacturing capacity that can be the dividing line between business success and failure. 

Finding robust, reliable production partners has never been more important.

SINO TRADING is your gateway to world class suppliers in China and provides an all-in-one service with:

  • Quality assurance through our China office
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent communication
  • PRODUCT DESIGN PLUS Prototype development and testing
  • Bulk production (by ISO9001 or IATF16949 certified suppliers where required)
  • Warehousing and assembly (where required)
  • Customs clearance and regulatory adherence
  • Shipping and supply-line management while adhering to promised lead times
Sino Trading

For companies with established or longer-term interests in China, we also offer independent quality audits, legal counsel and joint-venture consultancy.

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Seamless Service

Seamless Service

Mainly supplying the European motor trade, Sino Trading Limited also applies automotive quality standards to the various other industries we supply.

From our UK office, you can expect high quality, single contact product management while our multi-lingual team of engineering experts in China handle quality control and deadline management. Our China office also audit ethical working practices amongst our ever-growing pool of production partners.

So, if you want to be on top of the game when it comes to outsourced production capacity in Asia, SINO is the helping hand you need. Or, to put it another way, your office in China…