Industry Sectors

At SINO TRADING we serve an extensive number of clients across a broad range of categories, delivering parts, components or finished products for large corporations, household names, government departments and an increasing number of SMEs and entrepreneurs. We are equipped to supply any market sector but our main areas of business for now include:

  • Automotive
  • Garden
  • Medical
  • Hardware
  • Plumbing & Bathroom
  • Leisure
  • Power
  • Retail
  • Capital Equipment

And you can find a full listing of product types here.

Our business in numbers..

In a typical year we source… around 10,000 different components…

for over 30 European clients…

involving a network of 60-plus Chinese manufacturing / assembly sites…

and millions upon millions of finished parts, or end-products…

(Not to mention over a thousand inspection visits by our on-the-ground teams plus 180 days per year spent in China by our UK directors.)