Meet Our Team

Based in the West Midlands, our UK team is headed by:

Robert Moore – Director

Tim Moore – Director

Located in Changzhou, JiangSu Province , our 12-strong China office is led by:

Liang Ping  – Head of Chinese Operations

Xiao Lu – Head of Quality Control

Robert’s involvement with international procurement goes back some 40 years, sourcing multiple suppliers in Taiwan and China across the 1970s – 1990s. He established SINO in 2004, starting out with two production plants and then developing a network of 60 manufacturers to meet UK and European demand. He still spends around two months each year in China and has visited most parts of the country, including an epic west to east coast journey of some 18 days.  An expert on Chinese business culture and social customs, he has strong relationships with senior government officials and has also hosted UK politicians visiting the country on trade missions.

Tim joined SINO in 2005 and is the principal client contact for UK and European companies exploring outsourced production opportunities in China. He visits the country five or six times a year, using extended stays to meet potential production partners and work alongside our 12-strong team in Changzhou.  He oversees all ongoing projects during these trips and also works closely on joint venture partnerships and auditing briefs while in the country. Passionate about travel and international business development, he has visited multiple manufacturing hubs in the country – especially along the eastern seaboard – and also has outsourcing contacts in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.