Our Mission & Values

The benefits of overseas outsourcing are manifold, not least on price where cheaper labour and energy costs provide our clients with a competitive advantage in their varied, chosen fields. And that, in a nutshell, is SINO TRADING’S fundamental purpose – delivering top-quality parts, components or finished products at market-beating rates.

That said, such top and bottom-line benefits can never come at the expense of an ethical approach to business. As the essential outsourcing bridge between Chinese manufacturers and UK/European buyers, we need to marry the needs of all parties on a constant basis. That calls for the experience and expertise that we’re renowned for. But it also involves a set of values that underpin our everyday way of working.

Transparency: We deal with clients and suppliers in an open, transparent way that ensures all parties are always in the picture throughout a project’s duration. And, although we do all the leg-work on 90% of our briefs, we are always happy for our clients to visit our manufacturers’ sites on request.

Respect: Europe and China have different business and social cultures that can confuse those not aware of local customs and practices. Our knowledge and respect for these differences ensures a harmonious relationship from day one.

Sustainability: Working with our production partners across all industry sectors, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint in every area – from manufacturing itself through to transport and storage. Similarly, we are moving away from non-recyclable materials wherever possible with the majority of our suppliers now providing sustainable alternatives to the use of plastic packaging.

Accountability: We are fully versed in the complexities of supply chain management and always adhere to the deadlines agreed with manufacturer and client alike. Put simply, we keep our promises. Likewise, we expect our suppliers to stick to the ethical and sustainable workplace practices agreed upon at the outset of any project. Indeed, our Chinese team not only vet our own manufacturers, but also carry out independent audits on behalf of European entities using alternative suppliers.