The SINO TRADING Difference

Migrating your manufacturing capacity to China can realise significant savings on the production front. But, at the same time, the process can be complex and problematic if you’re not careful. Going it alone brings you face-to-face with an alien business culture, countless competing offers, and a red-tape merry-go-round when it comes to customs clearance and government regulation. And, if you use a local procurement agency only, you might find yourself out of the loop when it comes to quality control, deadline adherence and vetting of suppliers.

This is where the SINO TRADING difference kicks in.

Unlike most outsourcing operations, we are UK based but have our own wholly-owned office in China.

That means you have a single point of contact in UK/Europe plus constant and consistent representation on the ground in China as well. That adds up to seamless communication from the outset and a dedicated team that are your voice, eyes and ears inside each manufacturing plant we contract.

It’s a partnership approach to outsourcing that uses extensive experience, proven processes and local know-how to provide you with cost-savings, competitive advantage and – ultimately –  enhanced profitability when you bring your product to market.

And – because we like to keep things simple – you’re just a click away from experiencing the SINO TRADING difference for yourself.