Our Products

From castings to cold forged products, pressings to plastic mouldings, our network of quality manufacturers make millions upon millions of parts and components for our UK and European clients in a typical year. And, with our own team of degree-backed, multi-lingual engineering and technical experts always on hand, you can be sure that quality is an absolute priority across every single project. 

Here’s our A-Z of current product types which have applications across multiple industry sectors. Our capacity and capabilities are ever-expanding due to new  demand and we are confident we can always find you the right supplier within 10 days of initial brief.

Sino Components
  • With our ability to supply finished parts across multiple production areas, leading names in the aviation, automotive and aerospace spheres are long-time SINO clients when it come to the supply of expertly engineered metal and plastic components.

  • Our production partners in the Aluminium and Bronze Extrusion sector can meet the most challenging of briefs. They create a wide range of complex, custom-made metal parts according to our clients’ design specifications, with all operations (including complex finishes) usually done in house for price and quality advantage.

  • Our extensive network of IATF16964-certified manufacturers means we can supply the motoring industry’s leading marques as well as smaller engineering entities needing specialist parts.

  • Factories make Wasted, Gravity, High and Low Pressure and Sand Castings and can supply finished products with secondary operations as well as Raw Castings. They also make Tooling and Assemblies.

  • For metal products requiring maximum strength and hardness in finished form, we have a number of expert Cold Forge production partners on hand.

  • Up to 6000 tonnes can be produced at our IATF16949 and ISO 14001 certified factories which have in-house tooling facilities. We have ‘Grade A’ supplier status with leading industry marques, and parts are supplied directly or indirectly to companies such as VALEO GROUP, BENZ, BMW, AUDI, SHANGHAI VOLKSWAGEN and GENERAL MOTORS among others.

  • With increased emphasis on environmental sustainability, a growing number of our suppliers now produce wood / timber products with Forest Stewardship Council accreditation.

  • The power industry and medical sector are among clients who utilise our manufacturing partners’ expertise in industrial porcelains.

  • Our LED Manufacturers are ISO GW, UL, GS, SAA and CE accredited. These Factories employ from 150 to 2,000 employees and currently export product all around the world, including to a number of high street chains in UK.

  • Our metal-working experts can provide any number of lock products while our suppliers in the micro-electronics sphere also have extensive experience in the security field.

  • For clients requiring small, lightweight and low-power motors for use in advanced electrical and electronics systems, our network of production partners includes half-a-dozen specialists in the MEM space.

  • Our production partners can provide fully finished and assembled products for clients in the healthcare sphere.

  • From curtains to kinesiology tape! Multiple clients in the gardening, automotive and leisure industries have used SINO for their netting and textile needs over the last 15 years.

  • Whether for internal or external use, our production partners can provide an extensive range of thin, standard or thick pneumatic hose or tubing products in just about any colour under the sun.

  • Our network of quality suppliers manufacture plastic mouldings for the automotive, mobility and retail industries where we supply shop fittings to a number of high street chains.

  • We have extensive experience in this area, providing durable, high-quality fittings for clients in the healthcare, leisure and bathrooms’ fields.

  • Our manufacturing partners make Pressings, Fine Blankings and Springs for the motor industry to ISO9000 and IATF16949 standards.

  • Not only do our manufacturing partners provide high-quality retail products, we can also source assembly and packaging experts who operate at approximately one-third the cost of their European counterparts.

  • Precision engineering to eliminate waste and improve efficiency is critical in the tooling & kitting sphere and our expert partners in this area are always happy for clients to visit their premises and see their processes at first hand.

  • Our tube and extrusion production partners provide top-quality, durable products manufactured in a wide variety of metal and plastic types.

  • From 3mm diameter to 250mm diameter in most metals, our factories make small and large repetitive volumes to client specification.

  • Whether for mobile use (such as fuel and chemical tankers) or larger in-plant installations, our partners can provide precision-engineered valves that meet the most stringent health and safety regulations.

  • Our network of over 60 approved suppliers includes specialists in the capital equipment and electrical engineering fields, supplying wiring harnesses and assemblies worldwide.

In addition to the individual products, we are also expert in sourcing sub-assemblies, kitted items and fully packaged retail items at much keener prices than can be obtained in domestic markets.