Independent Audits

An increasing number of companies have realised the benefits of outsourcing their manufacturing to China. But although the practice is well proven, distance and time differences can create worries and unanswered questions:

  • Does my supplier really adhere to ethical working practices?
  • Once the product has left the factory floor, are the assembly, export and shipping plans watertight?

This is where SINO TRADING can help – providing independent audits before a contract is signed or once the project has gone live.

Because we have our own wholly-owned operation in Changzhou, we can provide a voice, eyes and ears on the ground at short notice – all co-ordinated by your single point-of-contact in our UK HQ.

In short, our team becomes your team on-site and includes engineers, technicians, quality control managers and legal experts. That means we can monitor each and every aspect of a project on your behalf – from initial contract through to finished part or component, with prototypes and production line samples examined along the way. We can also check that suppliers are not in breach of agreed working practices and will ensure that your export licenses, customs paperwork and supply chain plans are fit for purpose.

It’s a pic-and-mix service that allows you to select the elements you require. After that, our audit teams take the reins, reporting regularly and giving you the assurance that your outsourcing partner is performing as promised. We already undertake independent audits for a growing number of global corporations and are happy to run you through the process in more detail on request.