Joint Ventures

Most outsourcing contracts are done on a single project basis – a specific order to meet a specific manufacturing need in a specific timeframe. That said, some UK and European clients have longer-term aims or broader needs when it comes to China as both a production base or marketplace in its own right. For example:

  • establishing their own production facilities in the country
  • finding partners to co-operate on joint venture production or marketing projects
  • selling-in to China itself.

These are all areas where our extensive experience can pay dividends. Because we are UK based, we understand commercial needs from the European executive perspective. But – at the same time – as we have our own wholly-owned operation in JiangSu Province, we are totally in tune with Chinese business culture and best practices. That’s a valuable, combined knowledge pool – one that allows us to offer a full suite of consultancy services.

Our joint venture offer includes:

  • identification  and audit of potential production / business partners
  • location searches and logistics planning (for plant / production facilities)
  • market analysis and risk assessments
  • advice on finance, labour pool, government grants, and regulatory requirements
  • introductions, mediation and onboarding between potential partner companies
  • start-up project management (if required).

So, if you’ve got China on your mind in more ways than one, simply click or call to get things rolling. We look forward to hearing from you.