Our Suppliers

The key to successful outsourcing is the calibre of your production partners – manufacturers who can provide high quality parts and components at low-low prices while maintaining safe, sustainable and ethical working practices.

Not surprisingly, finding such partners is one of SINO TRADING’S greatest strengths. Just as our UK executives build trusting and transparent relationships with our European clients, our 12-strong China team create enduring partnerships with our suppliers. And because we are located in the heart of the country’s manufacturing belt, we are constantly making new contacts and expanding our database of approved suppliers.

Sino Components

At present we work with upwards of 60 manufacturers across nine provinces and that number is growing all the time. In the same way that our engineering, QC and technical experts inspect facilities once a project goes live, they are also visiting additional plants and factories to see how they might fit into our network.

We currently cover multiple product types across a wide variety of industry sectors, producing millions of parts and components in a typical year. But if a client comes to us with a project request outside these parameters, we are confident that we will be able to find the right supplier at the right price within 10 days of the initial brief.

The majority of our suppliers are ISO9001 or TS 16949 IATF16949 accredited with the majority based in the south-eastern corner of China. Find out more below…