Managing the Manufacturing Process

It may look like a plain old van door to the uninitiated but in reality it’s a highly complex piece of automotive engineering that requires high-quality parts and components from multiple production sources. And – in a recent project awarded by a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer – SINO TRADING was given responsibility for sourcing 150 components across 14 assemblies, the majority linked to the opening and shutting mechanisms of the van’s side and rear doors.

Not only did this require competitive pricing and strict quality controls for every piece of kit specified, we also had to co-ordinate the outsourcing of different parts from multiple manufacturers within a set, just-in-time delivery window. Thankfully, because of our extensive network of trusted suppliers and previous experience of the auto-sector, we were able to meet all requirements on time, ensuring everything was to hand for assembly and onward shipment to the next stage/factory in the production process.